Publications include links to academic articles, book chapters, and most importantly the book on the All-Inclusive Industry.

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Cruise ship passengers and all-inclusive hotel guests are increasing exponentially in the number of tourists and size of assets. This book investigates the history, growth, and impact of this type of tourism. What have been the returns to destinations? What is the impact on local governance? Is this form of tourism better for the environment than operating a coal mine?

The book addresses other questions as:

  • What is the growth of the industry and its future?
  • How have workers fared?
  • Are reefs and environments more protected?
  • Have government revenues increased as claimed?
  • How does the all-inclusive industry operate?


Dr Mark Hampton, University of Kent, Tax Justice Focus, 11:1 (2016):

“Ambrosie’s work significantly adds to our understanding of how the offshore world further reduces the benefits of this all-inclusive tourism to the host countries. […] The book … makes a real contribution to our understanding of modern tourism multinationals and how tax and tourism are, in fact, increasingly intertwined in the global economy with growing negative impacts for host destinations and local communities.”

Maximiliano E. Korstanje, University of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Annals of Tourism Research 58 (2016):

“To some extent, enclave tourism has not formed from the lack of planning or government intervention as the classic literature suggests; rather, Ambrosie masterfully shows how it takes shape in a finely-ingrained program to exploit the nature of Caribbean as well as financial loopholes. […] This work exhibits not only a good attempt to shed light on how global tourism generates material asymmetries in developed and underdeveloped countries, but gives detail on the local compliance of the State in promoting, knowingly or not, tax-avoidance.”


Here are the links to the data mentioned in the book.

Aqui están los enlaces a la información mencionada en el libro.

Worldwide Hotel Chains and Rooms 2013

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A Sea of Logos

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Barceló companies’ organization 2016

To see in greater detail, download here the Barcelo Organization Chart